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Recent Posts Original Research:  Demographic Differences In Perceptions Of Beautiful Cities

Do men and women have differing opinions on which are the world’s most beautiful cities? How about the opinions of younger people compared to older people? Less educated people compared to highly educated people? People who have traveled to many countries compared to people who have not travel much?  Read more 

"What Is Psychology?" Publishes an Article about

The article begins with this: "Past research has linked beautiful cities to human happiness. A new psychometric research project by focuses on linkages to fifteen categories of civic beauty.  We invite you to participate in that project..." 

Four Research Studies on the Importance of Beautiful Cities

Research studies continually underscore the importance of urban aesthetics to humankind.  Summaries and the complete research reports for four such studies are now available. 

"A Case for Beautiful Cities" in Planning Magazine

Planning Magazine is the principal publication of the American Planning Association, which in turn is the leading professional society for city and regional planners in North America. The October 2015 issue carries an article by Gilbert Castle, the founder of, entitled "A Case for Beautiful Cities". The article is a call to action for planners to make cities more beautiful!  


Paris –The Cities Beautiful Perspective 

Paris, some people call it the “city of lights” while others stick to the “city of love”. However, most people are unaware how Paris is among the top most beautiful cities based on ancient theories and definitions of beauty. The innovative Cities Beautiful Index on our website evaluates Paris to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.   

Barcelona –The Cities Beautiful Perspective 

The Cities Beautiful Index is one of a kind, providing visitors information about the top most beautiful cities around the world from a different perspective. The Cities Beautiful Index (CBI) ranks cities according to ’15 common threads’ in the theories of beauty, from the Ancient Greeks to the present.  

20 of the Most Beautiful Cities Around The World You Just Can’t Miss!

What exactly is beautiful to you? Our website provides one of a kind platform for different individuals who just love civic beauty around the world. For over 2600 years, and starting with Pythagoras, a large number of theories have been put forward on the nature of beauty and civic beauty specifically.  

Introducing promotes the appreciation of cities around the world. Visitors to Cities learn a 15 term vocabulary describing beautiful urban places, collectively known as Beautiful Facets. The 15 Beautiful Facets derive from “common threads” in the theories on beauty put forth by famous commentators from Ancient Greek times to the present.