Barcelona –The Cities Beautiful Perspective!

The Cities Beautiful Index is one of a kind, providing visitors information about the top most beautiful cities around the world from a different perspective. The Cities Beautiful Index (CBI) ranks cities according to ’15 common threads’ in the theories of beauty, from the Ancient Greeks to the present.

Barcelona scored 54 in our CBI analyses. Here are three Beautiful Facets in which Barcelona scored highly.



On our website, we describe the Beautiful Facets of Originality in terms of appealingly novel, unique or even unprecedented circumstances. The typical features which fall under this category are unique and compelling buildings, bridges, and manmade structures.

Scoring a 100% in terms of Originality does make Barcelona stand out and this is largely due to the creative and gripping structures present there, like La SagradaFamília, Palau de la MúsicaCatalana, and La Pedrera (Casa Milà). The La Manzana de la Discordia is also an honorary mention. These buildings give Barcelona a completely original and creative look which makes for a great experience when travelling there!


Barcelona scored another 69% under the Facet of Revelation, which means beautiful experiences gained from investigating, evaluating, and assimilating and deeply appreciating life’s complexities. Some of the buildings which enhance this experience are CosmoCaixa a.k.a. Museu de la Ciència (Museum of Science), Museu Picasso, and Fundació Joan Miró. These buildings and their contents, along with other museums and historical places, provide a rich experience and valuable insight into life.


Barcelona scored a 62% on our Facet of Elegance and that is highly justifiable as well. Proportioned, graceful and refined qualities of some buildings here make them stand out among their neighbors. Churches and other exquisitely designed buildings like Església de Santa Maria del Mar, Mies van der RohePavilion, and Hospital de Santa Creu i de Sant Pau contribute to a Barcelona that is filled with elegant experiences.

The Cities Beautiful Index ratings on our website are truly one of a kind, unlike other tourist websites which just tell you the places you can visit in a certain city. Moreover, these scores are based on innumerable historical definitions of beauty–thereby enabling you to make the best out of your experience whenever you visit these cities. Be sure to check out other cities on our website and their CBI scores!