Civic Beauty Ranking Test


The purpose of the civic beauty ranking (CBR) test is to determine your personal preferences among the 15 Beautiful Facets. The Beautiful Facets are summarized in this website's Facets tab, and a comprehensive explanation of their derivation and usefulness is available in the free e-book at the Details tab.

The CBR is a psychometric questionnaire, somewhat like a Myers Briggs personality assessment test. From the test you will learn which of the 15 Beautiful Facets resonate the most with who you are.

You will then be able to use this new knowledge about yourself for appreciating civic beauty in a new light; predicting what features in cities you will find the most beautiful during visits; articulating to people what you find most beautiful in cities; and comparing your profile to those of your friends and colleagues.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder " but involves our other four senses as well. The questions are asking what type of overall beautiful experience you might have. For each of the questions please select the score, where 10 is wonderfully beautiful and 1 is not beautiful. Try to cover the entire range, that is, do not have your scores clustered in one portion of the 1-10 range (unless you truly feel that each of the choices are indeed equally beautiful). Be sure to answer every question on order to obtain accurate results.

Search your feelings carefully when answering each question, rather than just parroting whatever you previously have read about or been told. This is about YOU.

Take the test now! It's fun and easy! Then use the results for personalized tours of the world's beautiful cities. (The test takes about 3 minutes. Your results will be automatically saved for your return visits.)