Beautiful Cities

If you were asked to select the most beautiful cities in the world, which ones would be on your list? Your opinion matters. Each of us is in fact an expert on beautiful cities -- because, as Plato was the first to say 2,400 years ago, “beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.”

This Cities tab contains many of the cities that most people find to be especially beautiful, including Paris, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Kyoto, and so on. When you click on any of the cities, you will see that the beautiful features of each have been categorized by the 15 "Beautiful Facets" (as explained at the Beautiful Facets tab). After determining your personal preferences among the 15 Beautiful Facets (by going to the Ranking Test tab), you will be able to go directly to the urban features in each city that you are most likely to find beautiful. is dedicated to helping everyone learn more about civic beauty, and subsequently having more beautiful experiences – so we hope that you will find your time spent here very rewarding!