Free E-Book Containing All the Details! is dedicated to helping everyone learn more about civic beauty, and subsequently having more beautiful experiences.

A key contribution herein is the identification of “common threads” in the theories of beauty of authors from the Ancient Greeks to the present. What Makes San Francisco Beautiful? is a free, short e-book that both summarizes this historic analysis and shows how the analysis results – the 15 Beautiful Facets – can be applied to helping everyone to appreciate civic beauty more deeply.

The e-book also includes sections on:

  • – how the "common threads" a.k.a.15 Beautiful Facets map onto the anatomy of the human brain [see Page 14 in the e-book]
  • – the calculation of the Cities Beautiful Index (CBI) for each city [Page 26]
  • – biographies on 40+ famous commentators on beauty over the last 2,600 years [Page 31]
  • – differences between Western vs. Eastern concepts of beauty [Page 36] , and much more!


The e-book (in Adobe Acrobat® format) can be downloaded and read by clicking on the blue button below. Please take the time to review this e-book, to gain a detailed understanding of CitiesBeautiful concepts, uses and – most important of all – benefits to you!