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Four competitions. Five buildings. Six institutions. The Liget Budapest Project is possibly the world’s most extensive architectural competition in 2014. The project aims to reshape the Hungarian capital with a transformation of the city park. Sponsored by the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest and state-owned Városliget Zrt., the four competitions of Liget Budapest are open, international, two stage and free... Beautiful Facet:  GRANDEUR


Spora Architects recently completed two metro stations as part of the most important infrastructure project currently in Budapest, the M4 metro line. The architectural and structural concept is based on a random beam grid and skeletal texture. The stations are an interchange spot for tramways, buses, metro, ships, cars and pedestrians, which altogether create a unique open public space above and under the ground -- a new multilevel city junction, gateway to the historic downtown of Budapest... Beautiful Facet:  DYNAMISM