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Hong Kong

Vancouver architect Bing Thom has been selected to design a Chinese opera house in Hong Kong that will serve as one of the landmarks of a major new arts and cultural development. The new facility will be devoted to the traditional performing art of Chinese opera, which combines singing, acting, martial arts, dance and percussion and stringed instruments. The Chinese lantern-inspired design includes a 1,100-seat main theatre, a smaller 400-seat theatre, training facilities and a space inspired by a traditional tea house for up to 200 people... Beautiful Facet:  SELF-FULFILLMENT 

Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the Jockey Club Innovation Tower (JCIT) is home to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) School of Design, and the Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation. The 15-storey, 15,000 sq. m. tower accommodates more than 1,800 students and staff, with facilities for design education and innovation that include: design studios, labs and workshops, exhibition areas, multi-functional classrooms, lecture theatre and communal lounge. The JCIT creates a new urban space that enriches the diversity of university life and expresses the dynamism of an institution looking to the future... Beautiful Facet:  ORIGINALITY