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The medina of the Moroccan royal city of Fez is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The project, River remediation and urban development scheme, aims to revitalize the heavily polluted and neglected river Fez. By returning to this ancient heart its dynamic soul, urban renewal and life quality will follow. The project converts riverbanks into pedestrian pathways, connects these pathways back to the city fabric, and finally converts the urban voids along the riverbanks into public spaces that are lacking in the Medina of Fez... Beautiful Facet:  SENSATION

British practice Mossessian & Partners has won an open international competition to regenerate Place Lalla Yeddouna, a strategic location at the heart of Fez, Morocco. “In the future, Place Lalla Yeddouna will become a dynamic, mixed use, urban space that will benefit both residents of and visitors to the Medina. It will offer educational programmes, residencies, artisan workshops, boutiques, cafes and other recreational facilities, attracting young and old alike”, explained the project initiators. Outdoor galleries and public spaces will be clad with colorful tiles, produced by local artisans, giving each space a specific identity, cooling the passageways and acting as an intuitive navigational aid... Beautiful Facet:  KINSHIP