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Fab-Housing is the Master’s degree project presented by Eugenio Aglietti, Luca Beltrame and Jessica Tiberi for the final thesis of IN/ARCH Post-graduate Master Course "Expert Designer in Emerging Technologies". The proposal concerns the requalification of Caserma Ruffo area in Rome and aims to give a different interpretation of Social Housing. The main buildings redevelopment is arranged as new facades consisting in walkways and honeycomb-like productive residences. The hexagonal grid structure allows to join multiple modules creating different configurations. In this way Fab Housing community is able to cover several functions like small shops, laboratories, professional activities, gyms, offices, small art galleries and craft shops... Beautiful Facet:  Kinship

In March 2014 AS Roma presented the long-awaited new stadium concept. As expected, the vision for Stadio della Roma is inspired by the Coliseum, represented in a modern façade, lightweight despite being partly stone-clad. The seating layout offers three tiers for fans, allowing to hold 52,500 people with potential to increase to 60,218. The entire stadium will be topped by a light membrane roof with panoramic giant screen. The scheme foresees groundbreaking in 2014, while construction should last more than 24 months... Beautiful Facet:  SELF-FULFILLMENT