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Buenos Aires

The project of restoration, refurbishment and conversion of the ancient Customs building includes the recovery of the site and its transformation into a contemporary museum. The Bicentenary Museum is situated in one of Argentina’s most dense historical areas. The glazed cover will protect the actual archeological site, with the need to create suitable conditions for the exhibition of other cultural goods. This work will be integrated with the surroundings of the Bicentenary Cultural Center, creating a major “cultural corridor” between the riverfront and the recently refurnished district of Puerto Madero... Beautiful Facet:  MENTORING

The NCAM Buenos Aires is a remarkable venue which presents itself as a participant in the current architectural movement of the region, becoming the canvas upon which the contemporary arts will continue to redefine the now and future. The design provides various exhibition and gathering spaces for both programmed and passive interaction between local visitors, tourist and the various exhibits of architecture, painting, sculpture, fashion and textiles. Two external spaces activate the site and enhance the Puerto Madero waterfront promenade experience... Beautiful Facet:  ELEGANCE