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12 of Sydney's best projects are triumphant at the 2014 Sydney Design Awards. 120 finalists in total were featured in this year’s edition of the award. 8 Chifley Square and the gardens of One Central Park are among the winning architecture projects from the 2014 Sydney Design Awards, which also celebrated interior and urban design among other fields... Beautiful Facet:  SENSATION

The final proposal in the competition to design the symbolic new Crown Hotel in Sydney continues an exploration in marine themes. Designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architects, the proposal explores the nautilus curve and the natural architecture of the seashell. The vertical structure contains a continuous backbone along the seaside from which bays following the golden proportion contain the hotel and commercial spaces. Along the back side, bands delineating each floor weave in and out of each other creating crevices for exterior patios... Beautiful Facet:  GRANDEUR