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Spine Tower Istanbul has received the Best Turkish Project Award at MIPIM 2014 Fair. The 57-story high rise tower covers an indoor area of 138.000 square meters. Spine Tower encompasses diverse activities including many floors of offices, residences, shopping, restaurants, a gymnasium, parking, etc... Beautiful Facet:  GRANDEUR 

The Yenikapi project originates from an exceptional archaeological finding. In 2004, during the construction of an undersea tunnel planned to connect the Asian and the European sides of Istanbul, an outstanding archaeological site emerged from the mud. Remains dating back to the Neolithic age, a Byzantine harbor, Ottoman structures and 35 shipwrecks were discovered. An International architecture competition was organized in 2012 so to identify a proper design for the entire site. Eventually, the proposal by Peter Eisenman and Aytac architects was selected as the winner. The complex project includes an archeo-park, a public transport transfer point and a large archaeological museum... Beautiful Facet:  CHRONICLE