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The City of Vancouver handed out its first-ever Urban Design Awards honoring the best projects that "enrich the overall experience of the city by carefully considering the design of public spaces, as well as the buildings that interact with these spaces." On one end of the spectrum is a dramatic private refuge in the middle of Vancouver called Cloister House, designed by Measured Architects. The home was recognized for salvaging 90 per cent of materials from the original building, and then "cleverly and artfully repurposed"... Beautiful Facet:  SELFHOOD

Vancouver City Council has unanimously approved a proposal to build a 497-foot tower designed by world renowned Danish architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). The mixed-used tower ventures far away from the ‘cookie cutter’ condo buildings that dominate the city and could be the much-needed game changer that will encourage other developers and architects to think more creatively. The building starts off with a triangle base and arrives at the top as a rectangular shape to set it back from vehicle traffic. It also carries a unique facade that mimics a bee hive’s honeycomb... Beautiful Facet:  ORIGINALITY