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"A House With 3 Walls" by Shigenori UOYA, Miwako MASAOKA, Takeshi IKEI, emphasizes flexibility. Fitting materials like doors are easy to change, which gives a different flavor to the house according to the seasons. The floor plan is changeable; it is easy to make (or remove) an additional room to meet the user’s needs. And the house can be split in half, which means the inner wall surface can be used as an outer wall... Beautiful Facet:  SELFHOOD

Like pure white paper, this building’s façade has a small crease which brings forth images of origami. The simple fold is intended to provide buoyance to the simple wall surface which would otherwise seem closed and weighty. When opened, the rich textured door made from solid Japanese horse chestnut reveals an inner garden overflowing with light. Traditional Japanese homes often hide an inner garden within. This residence has a simple and modern structure but its essence is in passing on indoor-outdoor architectural space that is traditional to Japan... Beautiful Facet:  SURETY