continually monitors development projects in beautiful cities worldwide.  The goal is to keep our website visitors up to date on recent and proposed activities that potentially will contribute to – or detract from, depending on the “eye of the beholder” –  the overall beauty of those cities. Click on any city above to see what the future holds!



France has given permission to the Russian Orthodox Church to construct a new compound including a cathedral near the Eiffel Tower. The compound will include a Russian-French school, an exhibition hall, an Orthodox church and a number of administrative buildings. Russia purchased a prime spot of land near the Eiffel Tower in 2010 following the sale of France’s meteorological headquarters... Beautiful Facet:  Epiphany

Daniel Libeskind's Tour Signal La Defense proposal for Paris radiates a new spirit with a vibrant, sustainable, mixed-use development. It not only the form of the building that makes it iconic, but also its content with a new, expressive architecture, signifying radical innovation in sustainable design. The aim was to create a building before its time. Two intertwined ribbons spiral together formally and programmatically, creating a tower. Once completed, the place between the ribbons is filled with southern-facing vertical gardens which act as biotopes for workers, visitors and residents, while illuminating sky with life... Beautiful Facet:  ORIGINALITY