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Rio De Janeiro

One of the most remarkable submissions to Rio de Janeiro's Olympic Port competition, this terraced proposal by JDS Architects and NE Arquitetura has an amazing array of nearly one thousand green roofs. Seeking to redefine how neighborhoods are conceived and taking inspiration from natural terraced cliffs, Jthe designers developed a cluster of residential towers surrounded by public parks and outfitted with thousands of green roofs. Surrounded and immersed in lush green spaces, their proposal is a stunning hybrid of the urban and natural world... Beautiful Facet:  NATURE

Stunning waterfront plans have been unveiled for Brazil 2016's Olympic Park - designed by British designers who made London such a success. Bill Hanway, who led Aecom's Rio bid to win the contract said: 'It is very exciting. It will show off the best of Brazilian architecture in a magnificent setting." The waterfront park will be built on the former Brazilian grand prix track in the Barra da Tijuca neighborhood of the city, in a striking triangular layout spread over 300 acres... Beautiful Facet:  SELF-FULFILLMENT